Saturday, March 14, 2009

Donors Choose

I found out about this wonderful organization called Donors They are a national link that helps teachers acquire materials for their classrooms when school districts cannot afford to purchase materials. The process is simple, you sign up for a free account. Write a snazzy little show and tell about what you need and why you cannot get it. And then you wait!!!!! and wait and wait. I posted my first "help we need something" ad a few weeks ago. I am asking for new calculators for my classroom. I am expected to teach the skills of using them, however, the ones I have do not work. So in desperate need, I thought this would work. I was sure I had written my plea up well and would receive my calculators quickly. However, the program obviously does not work as quickly as I thought. I have yet to see my new calculators. Patience is not a quality I have been blessed with. I am the most impatient person around. I want those new calculators now!!!! Please tell your friends to look at this website and consider helping teachers like myself purchase those materials that we cannot seem to purchase ourselves. We will be eternally grateful.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blog titles

Well, it is obvious to me that I am still in the learning phase of my blog. I have changed my blog title four times, and had to change my URL at least three. Choosing a name is difficult. Someone always has the cleaver name I thought I would have. And some names do not lead to good searches. Nothing more needs to be said on this. I am trying desperately to figure out how to share my blog and things just keep getting in the way. As much of a tech geek as I am , there are still many things that escape me and this is one of them. Eventually, I will be able to master this medium and I hope find a way to make it useful to others besides myself. I hope someday to have a following of readers, but until then it is just me. With luck my new title and URL will remain the same and I will have no more reason to change.