Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Vacation

This holiday season has been a strange one. I spent the month of December getting ready for the big push in the class. Preparing all the gifts for the kids, staff members and preparing all the materials for the kids to make for their families. My husband is so wonderful. Each year he gets the tiles for me to take to school for the kids to make their gifts. I have made the same Christmas gift for families for so many years. They are really my favorites. So simple and yet they capture a moment in a child's life that you can never get back. Maybe it is just the sentimental mom in me, but I really love them. My classroom was decorated with the few pieces of holiday spirit I put out and my home was all decked out. It took a couple of weekends, but it was all ready. The big day came and everyone loved their gifts; the party was over and I was finally ready to go home and celebrate with my family.

I love having a week before Christmas to finish my family holiday preparations in a quiet peace, instead of the mad dash right before the big day. I am always worried I have forgotten something, but with a week left to prepare, it always goes well. Now, that the holiday is over, my house is back to normal and my classroom is ready; I have spent the better part of three days getting myself prepared to go back to school. Of course, I still have moutains of things I am working on at home to prepare. I am working dilligently to finish and be ready, but also trying hard to balance my family time. I am writing this blog as I watch "Barbie and the Swan Princess" again with my youngest daughter. The ease with which this is happening is my new keyboard for my ipad. I just received it today, and I am so excited. Of course, I still have a few little glitches to work out, but it is coming easily. This new year has me focused on what is family, my health and the sweet little kiddos I spend my days with.  Each year people create resolutions to keep themselves on track.  I seem to create resolutions every day, not just at the beginning of the year. So I am incredibly convinced I am going ot stick to my plan this new year.  I am a possessed woman.  I do not do anything half way; I always put more of myself into anything I do.  So my goal this new year is to be balanced.  I love and adore all that I do in my life, but balance is so important. I will keep it all in check. 

Happy New Year to all.