Friday, February 20, 2009

blogging in the classroom

I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing. I had the brilliant idea that I would begin a blog for my classroom. I researched other teacher bloggers and found sites that blew me away. Not to be left out, I wanted to do the same thing. Created my blog for the kids and had a cool graph and question posted. I had visions of the kids answering and journalling my questions. I thought it would be the coolest thing. Even talked to my teaching parnter and she was going to do the same thing. We had plans to have our classes correspond and do all kinds of cool things with math graphs and sorting information. All this planning and great ideas came to a crashing halt when I discovered my district does not allow this. Not to be deterred too easily, I am working on my Moodle site and have hopes to create the journaling in the sandbox there. Hopefully, will have it off the ground soon and students will be able to start writing online safely soon.

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