Saturday, May 23, 2009

It really works!!!!! really works!!! A few weeks ago, I received an email congratulating me on the funding of my project. YEAH!!!! I was so excited. I wrote my proposal a couple of months back and waited very impatiently, as noted in my last entry. It only took about two and a half months for the project to come through. Really not that long in the scheme of things. The directions came along with the congratulatory email. Simple. I had three things to complete in order to finish the project. Parent permission slips needed to be sent home to take photos of the students using the new calculators. Once collected, I took the photos. I then wrote my thank you letter and had my students write their letters. I downloaded all the necessary paperwork and began the process. Before I even began to take care of my part of gathering materials, my calculators arrived!!! You cannot imagine the excitement that went through the classroom. Mine was as high as the kids. I realize it is a sad thing when new calculators can make one that excited, but lets face it, we just don't get these things anymore in our classrooms. This was a big day.

I am convinced there are still people in the world who want to do good things and this website proves that this belief is still alive and well. If you are searching for new materials to teach in your classroom, and do not have the sources available to do it, check out It is well worth the small amount of time you will put into the project.

To my anonymous donor; I am grateful for your thoughtfulness. Thank you.

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